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Distraction as a feature

You don’t need the newest or fastest super-computer or x-gadget to learn a topic (any topic you want to learn, like programming, geography, a new language or anything else). There are tons of options out there to learn, but also to produce stuff, to create contents, to write your own essay, novel or paper.

You don’t need the best gadget to become a great learner. Many times less is more.

And if you do really want to learn, what you really need is focus. And perhaps it is the hardest result to achieve.

There are many factors that can help to improve the learning experience: a quiet environment, a bit of healthy isolation from distractions, a good amount of time to think and reflect about learning topics, an uncluttered space, et cetera.

Sometimes challenging yourself with some artificial constraints could be a good technique to improve the learning experience. You must know that you have the control. You are able to properly shape your learning environment and you are the one in charge of eliminating distraction as a feature.

Nowadays distraction is the norm, paying volatile attention to everything but no comprehensive attention to anything is the usual habit of modern societies.

Modern societies are increasingly vulnerable to environmental impacts and are currently experiencing great changes, thus we are facing new challenges in our daily lives.

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